RMC Group of Companies Ltd.


Giving back to the places in which we’ve lived and worked since 1994.

Locally Owned

We believe supporting local companies provides great benefits for our communities and the people within those communities.

Through our efforts we have been able to provide work for local organizations and local people. As an organization, we make the extra effort to fully support local business as the benefits of local support can be passed throughout communities involved.


We recognize the importance of safety in the workplace. We live and work in the communities we serve, therefore our obligation to the safety of our people and the environments in which they work is our top priority. We are committed to clean-site principals.

Our staff is well trained and well versed in assessing hazards and neutralizing the problems up front. We believe in staying educated about potential dangers and encourage our employees to bring attention to safety concerns. Our workplace culture emphasizes our employees as our family.


At the RMC Group of Companies, we recognize the significance of sustainable development and the importance of maintaining the environment around us. Through our state-of-the-art reclamation facility, we are able to re-purpose leftover concrete and reduce the harsh impact it can produce on the environment. Our facilities allow us to provide customers with the highest quality product while minimizing damage to the environment.

Our facilities are able to collect the excess dust and product from cement and fly ash, in an effort to minimize as much waste as possible. This collection process minimizes toxins that escape into the atmosphere and damage the environment.

Charities We Support

In recognition of the incredible work that local charities do for our communities, we support groups like Wellspring Edmonton and CASA Mental Wellness.

We’re grateful for our ability to give back to the people making our communities great, and have proudly donated to local charities over our 25+ year history, including the Kids with Cancer Society and Norquest College.

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